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Emi & Eve

The raw materials for Emi & Eve’s collection of jewelry and purses, are bullet and bomb casings from Cambodia.  Born from seven years of working with disadvantaged artisans, combined with the desire to create a new brand that reflects the values and aesthetics of the founder. The brand Emi & Eve was named, to reflect community.  As a fashion designer, founder Cassandra Postema always wanted to use fashion as a means to make the world a better place.

Working with Craftworks Cambodia’s founder, and former refugee Keang Sapbay, Postema works with disadvantaged artisans and disabled home workers.  The Cambodian foundry where Keang and Cantha work, is where the purses and jewelry are forged. The untiring work ethic of the two artisans, combined with their ability to overcome adversity with determination and creativity is what inspires Pastema. The forged bags are shipped to a small workshop in China that employs disabled, disadvantaged women, where they are completed and finished.

Initial development and production was self-funded, and continued through funding platform Indiegogo, to help finance the next phase of production. Postema’s plans are ambitious, with an intent of growing the business artisan by artisan across Cambodia. The more pieces they sell, the more artisans they can employ, the more ammunition that gets recycled, and the more they can inspire through their work. With no shortage of found ammunition in Cambodia, unlike many brands founded on upcycled materials, Postema is in no danger of running out of raw materials.

A Central St Martins graduate, as well as a New Generation award winner from London Fashion Week, Cassandra Postema had more than ten years experience as a fashion and print designer in London and Hong Kong.  Eight months after a trip to Cambodia, the collection From Bullets to Beauty was born.

Website: http://emiandeve.com

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/cassandradoes

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