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Ethica is an online retailer featuring a selection of emerging ethical and sustainable brands. Their goal is to connect consumers with new labels who share a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Ethica’s intent is to contextualize shopping within the larger global narrative, highlighting the impact of collective consumption, while offering ethical alternatives. With a commitment of showcasing collections that rock your world, while offering a responsible alternative to high street shopping, the designers featured on this website create beautiful products, as well as responsible companies.

Ethica feature a range of designers that source responsibly, develop sustainable production, treat their workers fairly, and give to charity, they want you to love what you wear and keep your purchases a long time, so they don’t end up in landfill. Brands are divided into a variety of ethical quality headings, including, Made in the USA, Trade not Aid, Vegan and Hand Crafted. Featuring a broad base of products from clothing to accessories and jewelry, Ethica also offer eco-friendly packaging and free, carbon-neutral shipping from their LEED certified headquarters.

Website: www.shopethica.com

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