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Producing a classic Scandanavian collection, iluut designs are sustainably sourced and completely traceable. Inspired by a soft, minimal aesthetic, the brand produce classical, timeless pieces with a fresh, modern approach. The relaxed designs have a understated silhouette that fit a variety of body types. The collection revolves around the classic shirt, reinterpreted into a relaxed lightweight denim shirtdress, as well as the classic shirt. The name iluut comes from the Finnish word ‘tuuli` meaning ‘wind’. The word is inverted to symbolize a positive shift within the fashion industry. iluut’s mission to be a fully transparent company that knows and understands the entire production chain, is reflected in the value they place in their producers. Their textile sourcing includes French linen and Austrian Tencel blends, and the collection sells at an affordable price point to help promote their core values.

Founder Elina Cerell explains, “We’ve learned while visiting the different production mills in Europe, that none of the production steps are simple. In every part of the chain – from farming, spinning, weaving, printing and transporting – there is huge amount of know-how and people involved. We want to give importance to all these people we are working with.” With a shared responsibility to the environment, as well as the social impact on everyone involved, all iluut designs are produced in Europe. The brand is proud to support the struggling European industry, suffering from extreme price competition from offshore production. “It would be a shame if all that know-how and rich knowledge of the industry would disappear from Europe.”

Website: https://iluut.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/iluut

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iluut