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Indigo apparel

Made in the USA with high-quality organic textiles, Indigo Apparel was created around the simple concept of taking things slowly. With an easy West Coast, beach casual style, the collection comprises of tie-dye and shibori dyed sarong skirts, long flowing dresses, brightly colored bikini’s, and cropped, hand crochet tops. Every piece is hand-made in the United States, supporting US employment and ensuring good working conditions and fair wages, as well as keeping the carbon footprint low. Indigo Apparel use only Oeko-tex certified low impact dyes, which contain no toxic chemicals or mordants. Each item is entirely hand dyed, and produced from organic cotton, bamboo, and uses no animal products or materials.

The brand also initiated a zero waste policy, working with a number of designers leftover fabrics to give them a second life. Producing less than 3 pounds of fabric waste through production in 2 years!

Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com