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Kowtow is a fair trade organic clothing label based in Wellington New Zealand.  Nine seasons old, Kowtow produce a sensitive, intelligent collection of easy wear women’s dresses and separates; this is not an over simplified yoga line of unstructured pieces, but a highly sophisticated, deceptively simple architectural collection of shapes, worn in combination to create an individualistic statement, a point of view and express real character.

The Fall Winter 2012 collection, entitled, the Law of Tangents, is based on mathematics, and the laws that govern it, and the correlations in nature, translated into fabric and design.  Working with the finest quality Fair trade organic cotton, Kowtow regularly visit their farmers and manufacturers.  Passionate about sustainability and ethics in the apparel industry, Kowtow go to great lengths to assure all their practices within their supply chain are sustainable.

Website: www.kowtowclothing.com