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Moowon is an online store that specializes in unearthing noble values, capturing the essence of a place, and inspiring respect for the things people make. Telling the stories of unique and extraordinary people, master craftsmen who revive vanishing arts, and embody beauty and authenticity. Moowon bring hand picked pieces, discovered through travel around the world, limited edition pieces, creations of uncommon beauty and integrity.

First traveling to Asia in the 90’s, Mona Kim, founder of Moowon unleashed an incurable wanderlust. Kim’s passion for travel has resulted in a beautifully curated site of beautiful things from over thirty-five different countries. Born to offer a glimpse of the world, frame din a unique manner through the artisanal contributors. Mona Kim is an award-winning Creative Director, with over twenty-five years of history working for museums, cultural institutions and in the fashion industry. Moowon’s passion for meaningful content and inquisitiveness about other worlds is influenced by her museum background.

Website: www.moowon.com

Video: https://vimeo.com/125555574