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Project Artisan

Project Artisan offers an option for budding and established designers to have an online presence with little to no costs. Project Artisan also gives consumers a way to locate many independent designers in one ecommerce site. Customers who shop Project Artisan can “shop with soul”. PA provides consumers access to high‐fashion designers who have humane and earth‐friendly manufacturing practices along with a mission to give back. Project Artisan’s platform will also be accessible on mobile devices in the near future. The site includes embedded videos for additional customer appeal, combined with their easy search engine, with all designers featured searchable by product or name, making it easy for customers to look for information quickly and easily.  There are many e-commerce sites out there that offer either ethical or ecological products, but most are not fashion specific, nor are they edited for content, making this possibility the first.

Website: www.projectartisan.com/