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Hayley Trezise, Welsh based upcycling artist/designer, recently presented this very personal project entitled ‘Destruction’. Making the transition from fashion designer to fully-fledged textile artist, Tezise’s fashion, art installation was born of the distress felt following environmental tragedy. Water contamination, radiation, deforestation, and air pollution, all leave ourselves, as well as the earth, scarred from the experience. This collection highlights our conflicted relationship that falls between harmony and discord. Constantly amazed and inspired by the natural world, and our very human and flawed relationship with it, Trezise created the collection from thoughts of destruction.

Raggedy designs are raw and playful in nature, with more than a passing resemblance to a romanticized Oliver Twist or a Dickensian noblewoman fallen on hard times. The work is a sort of extreme version of make do and mend, as viewed through an idealized Victorian London, or Wales come to that.  Raggedy uses a wonderful mix of knobbly tweeds, houndstooth and heathered wools, crazily patched and piece together into shrunken version sof turn of the cuntury men’s waistcaots and womens riding jackets.

Website: www.raggedyrags.co.uk