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Ramblers Way

Ramblers Way was born appropriately on a 2-week trek across the rolling hills of Wales, and conceived by Tom Chappell of Tom of Maine fame. Frustrated with the performance gear he wore during the hike, Chappell was looking for the perfect fiber that would keep him warm and dry on the hike, and presentable enough to go straight to the pub directly afterwards. Finding other brands wanting, he made it a mission to create the perfect performance shirt. One that could be worn next to the skin, was absorbant, didn’t rub, kept you warm even when wet, and allowed body odor to escape.

After extensive research of a variety of fibers from cotton to propylene, he discovered the incredible properties of natural wool. Wool wicks moisture away, kills the germs that cause body odor, and insulates from both hot and cold. Struggling with the idea that wool was heavy and scratchy, Tom discovered the superfine fibers of the Rambouillet sheep, which can be woven into a soft, non-itchy fabric. He searched for US based ranchers, spinners, dyers and knitters capable of creating this superfine cloth, to ensure a reduced environmental impact, as well as support local economies. Ramblers Way partners with ranchers in Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas, as well as a scouring plant in Jamestown, South Carolina, a spinning plant in Pickens, South Carolina, and a knitting mill in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Website: www.ramblersway.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Ramblers-Way

Twitter: @ramblersway

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ramblersway