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Roark is a collective of talented friends, creative’s and partners, more in the vein of an old fashioned commune than a business partnership, sharing many of the same altruistic ideals with their sixties counterparts.  Living and working in a single space, the four friends bonded over a single vision; that of designing, producing and promoting a menswear collection, made locally from natural and organic fabrications.  Based where else, but Los Angeles, the band of brothers in spirit, consists of Andrew Steiger – the creative director and head visionary, Chris Allison – the fashion designer, Misti Huskey – the visual communications expert, and Nelson Campbell who completes the brotherhood by bringing a strong social component to the partnership.  Fusing film, photography, story telling and music with fashion, Roark’s intent is to fully immerse the observer into their world, which aims celebrate the individual spirit.

Website: www.roarkrevival.com

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