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Founded in 2011 Sequence is a collection of jewelry and accessories designed by El Salvadorian-born Ariela Suster. Bright cords and braids are expertly knotted, twisted and braided into a series of macramé bracelets for men or women, with more than a touch of 1970’s Bohemian style. Expertly handcrafted by local artisans in Tepecoyo, the collection is inspired by the vibrant culture of Latin America. Sequence hires aspiring young artists to produce the bracelets, and acts as a haven and alternative to the violence of gang culture. They provide space, and offer free art classes for the local community.

After years of working in New York as a fashion and accessories editor at Instyle, Lucky and Harpers Bazaar, Suster returned to Tepecoyo, an El Salvadorian neighborhood near her hometown, to start Sequence. “We live our lives creating our own sequence, our unique story. Our purpose is to positively influence the sequence of someone else’s story.”

Website: www.sequencecollection.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Sequence-Collection

Twitter: @sequencecollect