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Sidai Designs

Located in Arusha, Tanzania, Sidai Designs produce a beaded jewelry collection based on traditional Maasai beading techniques, infused with a modern aesthetic. As a not for profit, Sidai support and collaborate with Maasai women, providing tools and strategies for sustainable economic development. In an effort to overcome poverty, and raise the social status of women by improving access to healthcare and education, Sidai invest in skills, sustainable employment and knowledge sharing. The jewelry is created entirely by hand, using a combination of upcycled materials, and traditional glass beads. Using thread from old grain sacks, and recycled metal beads, glass beads are intricately threaded together and finished with soft leather and sterling silver fastenings. Each design comes from the creative heritage of the Maasai with the synergy of modern sophistication.

Website: http://sidaidesigns.com

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