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Stephan Hann

Recycling Couture is how Stephan Hann describes his  fashion aesthetic. In his  creations, Stephan Hann combines fashionable materials with other, non associated materials. His dresses are made of thousands of Tetra Paks cut  into tiny squares and sewn together to suggest fish scales, or  hundreds of photo negatives skillfully combined to form frothy loops, from construction plans folded into wings, rosettes, tops or skirts, or the foil caps of champagne bottles reformed into body-armor. He folds paper into   plissée, cuts color-printed photo paper into stripes and loops it. Celluloid strips are rolled up and rose petals sewn onto them. Many of the materials are recognizable only upon closer inspection, like the wallets of French armed forces made into a mini dress,  light bulbs that are part of another dress, and medication blister packs, with  which Hann drapes a dress.

Website: www.goethe.de/KUE/des/prj/mod/thm/en4013207.htm