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Tabula Rasa

Borrowed from the Latin phrase for “blank slate,” Tabula Rasa is founded on the philosophy that any space we inhabit can become a personalized retreat of comfort, creativity and style. Created by Emily Diamandis in 2013, the luxury lifestyle label offers ready-to-wear, along with home accessories inspired by a passion for travel, and informed by technical design expertise. Tabula Rasa celebrates both contemporary and traditional craftsmanship through textural designs and the complex layering of advanced techniques. Intricate stitches reference centuries old textiles, each sourced from around the globe.

Each item is designed in a two-step process, where textiles are artfully created by hand from novelty yarns and tapes, then constructed into a final design. Each collection presents an eclectic take on modern knitwear, from oversized sweaters, to body skimming dresses. Interior décor accessories, including cushions, throws and towels, expand this lifestyle brand, and enrich any living space, while playful fringed hammocks with a bohemian spirit. Made for the modern journey woman, Tabula Rasa is about feeling luxuriously at home, everywhere in the world.

Website: https://tabularasa-ny.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TabulaRasaNY

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tabularasany

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/tabularasany