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Carla Fernandez

Taller Flora by Carla Fernandez operates like a traveling laboratory, with one part taking place in indigenous communities, and the other in Mexico City. Taller Flora bridges the gap between indigenous craft processes and contemporary design.  Every two months Carla Fernandez travels to a different indigenous community to study the way they make clothes.  Back in the city, these patterns are copied and catalogued with the aim of creating a compendium of formal solutions to our own design language.

One of Taller Flora’s missions is to enhance artisans’ creativity based on their own traditional methodology, by using processes that are familiar to them, it is easier for them to create new designs and thus avoid becoming manufacturers of other people’s products. Helping establish ties between different cooperatives and strengthen Fair Trade networks.

The painstaking process involved in artisanal spinning dying and weaving is incorporated into Taller Flora’s haute couture collection, with the prêt a porter collection featuring certain handcrafted details, while relying predominately on industrial processes.

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