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The BEA Project

The Bea Project, is a fine art and fashion mixed media art house, and the brainchild of Katrina Bea. A multi-talented artist, Bea is inspired by nomadic gypsy cultures, and a devotion to music, and propelled by rebelliousness. The abandon found in the midst of chaos fuels her Love and Anarchy collection of hand sewn, dyed, painted, reclaimed and reworked vintage fabric and garments. By bringing chaos to controlled environments and idealizing the grotesque, Bea deconstructs fashion. More a body of work, and the visual journey of the development and experimentation with processes, than a collection in the mainstream fashion sense of the word. Bea recently curated a solo exhibit of her fashions in Los Angeles, entitled Da.tura Metal, alongside her fine art creations entitled Love and Anarchy. An artist whose talent extends beyond a single medium, Bea works with oil and mixed media on paper, as well as on textiles and in fashion.

The BEA Project operated until 2014.

Video: http://vimeo.com/25382145