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Designer Matilda Janosi combines recycled materials with high-quality luxury materials to create a unique collection for her brand TildArt. Working predominately with recycled bicycle inner tubes, combined with natural latex, many inlaid with Swarovski Crystals. Designs are extremely body conscious, many semi-sheer, both revealing and concealing. Designs feature thonging, ties and tasseled yokes and bodices, many with criss-cross strapping of narrow widths of bicycle tyre rubber. The collection also features accessories and jewelry from finely knotted and knitted strips of tyre rubber

Originally from Transylvania, where recycling is a way of life, Janosi moved to London where she launched her brand TildArt. Originally working as a rickshaw driver in central London, which led to the inspiration behind the collection, as well as the main source for her material sourcing. Collecting raw material from the bicycle repair shops in East London that border her Hackney studio.

Website: www.tildart.com