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Windward Wearables

Inge Van Geem is the designer, printer, maker, model, and chief everything elser at Windward Wearables. With a passion for sustainability, and an investment in the hand made process, her two passions were brought together in the form of a small line of printed accessories. Her simple, modern aesthetic is applied to the most eco friendly materials she could find; hemp. Each item is sewn with organic cotton thread, and the printing is done entirely by hand with non-toxic ink. While the collection revolves around scarves, it also includes a tote and a clutch purse, all with Van Geem’s enchanting hand drawn leaf patterns.

Each item features exclusive prints, each printed using a hand painted silk screen, to maintain the imperfection of Van Geem’s own hand drawn designs. Her mindful production makes for more time consuming processes than most, using a multi stage process of positive drawing directly onto the screen with drawing fluid, followed by screen blocking, and finally the removal of the drawing fluid to leave the negative image ready to be screen printed. A maker to her core, Van Geem also sews each scarf herself on her aunt’s old sturdy sewing machine.

Mindful production, leading to mindful consumption, reducing waste and toxins, while still enjoying the pleasure of a beautiful and useful product.

Based in the Netherlands, all designs are available to order online.

Website: http://www.windwardwearables.com

Twitter: @windwardmade

Instagram: http://instagram.com/windwardmade/#

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/windwardmade