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The Artisan Resource at NY NOW Summer 16

The Artisan Resource at NY NOW, is a semi-annual trade show for global artisans producing handmade products.

Featured Video – Carla Fernandez Mexican Embroidery

Zacapehuaya, Pahuatlán filling embroidery and chain work. Just two of the techniques that Carla Fernandez works into her collection.

Bhutan Home by Dara Artisans

Dara Artisans curates an exquisite collection of Bhutan textiles that maintains a distinctive sense of utility alongside an arresting aesthetic.

Anchal Project

The Anchal Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that addresses the exploitation of women around the world. Using design thinking to create employment opportunities,

Featured Video – The Artisans: Embroidery

The Artisans series shares the artisans’ journey of mastering the traditional techniques and preserving heritage. Tran Thi Nhu Nga and Nguyen Thi Minh, who are still practicing the craft of hand embroidery, are determined to keep their craft alive.

Featured Video – Haute Culture

Donna Wanderlust’s Haute Culture travel blog interview and introduction, a travel blog about cultural costume and fashion around the world, exploring traditional and contemporary fashion through travel.

Dara Artisan Sourcing Trip to Guatemala

After falling in love with Guatemalan craftsmanship during their collaboration with Tucker Robbins, the DARA team was eager to explore additional opportunities to connect with the country’s artisan community.

Featured Video – Varanasi Silk

A very small insight to the upcoming documentary project with NEST, the Varanasi Project, aimed at saving this incredible tradition of hand loomed silk in Varanasi, India.

Dara Artisan Sourcing Trip to Iran

Dara Artisans explore early Persian artisanship through successive generations embracing sophisticated design and craftsmanship in a variety of different mediums and expressions.

Featured Video – Turkana Rendille Beads

CCTV Africa’s Susan Mwongeli reports on the Rendille people of Kenya, where beads are far more than just a decoration.


Injiri is a clothing and home textiles brand inspired by as well as handcrafted in India.


Ketzali is a social enterprise accessories company that produces handmade accessories using traditional Guatemalan skills.

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