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Valentina Hoyos

Valentina Hoyos produces simple bags from a beautiful combination of knotting and weaving of natural materials, each realized in rich, natural earth tones, and beautifully textured.

Ana Srdic

Expressing preservation through usage of specific forms and colors from a particular culture, Srdic applies traditional techniques, and materials in her jewelry.

Anchal Project

The Anchal Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that addresses the exploitation of women around the world. Using design thinking to create employment opportunities,

Featured Video – Anchal

Anchal Project merges design, business, and education to empower female commercial sex workers in India to break the cycle of gender inequality and poverty.

Dara Artisan Sourcing Trip to Guatemala

After falling in love with Guatemalan craftsmanship during their collaboration with Tucker Robbins, the DARA team was eager to explore additional opportunities to connect with the country’s artisan community.

Featured Podcast – American Fashion Podcast: Fair Trade Juliette

In this episode of the American Fashion Podcast, fashion sustainability expert Juliette Donatelli talks local and global fashion issues on fair trade.

Featured Podcast – Conscious Chatter: Transparency

Kestrel Jenkins discusses transparency in the fashion industry with Natalie Grillon and Shahd AlShehail, the cofounders of Project Just.

Style With Heart

Style With Heart, is an online guide to hundreds of ethical and eco-friendly fashions and accessory brands.


Mimco Designs a unique accessories collection, the core of which comprises handbags, small leather goods, jewelry and shoes.

Seek Collective

The Seek Collective collection embodies relaxed luxury men’s and womenswear, with a sophistication silhouette, and hand crafted materials


The Skunkfunk womenswear brands focus is respect for the environment and to the people that make their clothing.


Australian womenswear brand RANT produces modern clothing with an independent spirit. Guided by sustainable design principles, each garment is designed and made in its entirety, in Australia.

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