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Featured Item – Titania Inglis FW15

A stunning piece from Titania Inglis’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection, inspired by the mountain tops of the Andes, entitled Autochthony.


Hand made in Alicante, Petrucha produce a design centric, unisex footwear collection.


Founded in 2004, Mink is a vegan shoe collection produced from eco-friendly, animal-free materials.

Reve en Vert

Others may have a mission statement or a thread that ties the products together, but Reve en Vert is one of very few that manage to combine a sophisticated taste level with ethical standards beautifully.

Featured Video – High Fashion Low Countries

High Fashion Low Countries focuses on the importance of sustainable development, new cutting-edge technologies and recuperation of traditional crafts in contemporary fashion.

Deborah Campbell Atelier

Deborah Campbell Atelier is a contemporary British made ethical womenswear label.


Abury combine tradition with old world crafts to create a collection of bags, purses, totes, backpacks and clutches, that foster intercultural exchange and preserves global crafts.

Featured Item – Abury

These super cool hand crafted basket bags are made in Morocco from natural bast fiber, exclusively for Abury.

Angel Chang

Atelier Angel Chang crafts a womenswear collection using the traditional hand woven textiles of the indigenous Miao and Dong ethnic minorities in Guizhou Province, China.


Norlha produce finely woven scarves, throws, blankets, and toys made from the very best Tibetan yak fiber.


Tengri is a London based fashion brand, a collective movement that brings together design, fashion, ethics and environmental activism.

Commentary & Critique – Textile Arts Center

The Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn recently exhibited the work of seven textile artists and designers, created over the course of a nine-month residence at their center in Gawanus.

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