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Chantal Bernsau


Chantal Bernsau, based in Santiago Chile, produces a jewelry and accessories collection born of passion and combined with unique, experimentation with a diverse range of organic and natural materials, including horn, bone, wood, horse hair, wool, crystal, copper, bronze and silver.  Inspired by indigenous tribal societies, Bernsau works with symbolism, talismans and amulets to create items in touch with indigenous belief systems and spiritual concepts, to communicate with, help balance, and express your spirituality.


A reiki and floral therapy student and practitioner herself, Bernsau creates her unique items based on intuition and her own personal experience with yoga and gem therapy.  Working with the natural energy of her materials to harmonize your chakras and optimize your emotional, mental and spiritual health, Bernsau works only with natural materials and processes including weaving in wool, cashmere and alpaca.

Chantal’s own personal energy and exuberance is infused into each and every one of her designs.  Producing collections that include semi precious stones and relying on her knowledge of gemology and gem therapy, she combines wood, metal, and traditional and indigenous artisanal techniques, including crochet, weaving and macramé.  Bernsau also works with sustainable development and supports traditional craft skill sets within Chilean communities.  Also developing her own clothing designs as an outgrowth of her jewelery and accessories designs, and as the perfect compliment for her work.  Easy wearable pieces with an ethnic and indigenous flavor, but developed through a sophisticated, timeless appreciation and taste.


Participating in a range of events, including fashion shows in Santiago Chile and Brazil, as well as participating in fashion week in Shanghai, Bernsau has achieved significant recognition and press in her native Chile, as well as across Latin America.

Website: www.chantalbernsau.cl