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Gibbous Fashions


Gibbous creates one of a kind creative men’s and women’s wear from a myriad of vintage sources, working with discarded, forgotten, shredded and stained pieces of history from the recent past, through to Victorian times.  In their own words, they are “A miniature fashion house of hearts and hands collecting bits and pieces of discarded history.”  Working with a myriad of different materials and histories that range from stained silk slips to Victorian jackets, nineteen fifties lingerie and off cast buttons, coins, keys and “lost trinkets of the city”.  They fashion romantic, whimsical alternative pieces steeped in history, pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, and connected by a “sea of stitches”.  Working without patterns, Gibbous build each item from scratch in three dimensions, piecing shredded and tattered pieces of history together with flourishes of lace, flowers, button, chains and even railroad parts!


Gibbous is home to four designers, each with their own style, but working in a similar fashion. Each one committed to creating with only pre-existing items, breathing new form and function into discarded clothing.  As a reaction to mass consumption, throw away, mass market fashion and the ever-growing mountain of discarded clothing, the four designers create with artistic integrity, to reinvest value into forgotten items.  Fighting against the epidemic of sweatshop labor with “needles and thread”.  Gibbous believe that clothing can have a soul, that clothes should really be worn, lovingly mended and passed down like a dear old friend.   Born of necessity, Gibbous cultivates garments as individual as the wearer, distilling them with all the “left behind beauty of the past, present and future.”


Men’s vests appear to have been lifted directly from a beautifully illustrated volume of Hans Christian Andersen, and fluted, shredded and pieced dresses have the romance of Swan Lake, but worn with a ghoulish, modern charm.  Items sometimes have an urban dumpster chic, fashioned from an eclectic range of found objects creating a mash from diverse times and places pieced to make a new aesthetic with touches of Goth, Lolitta, circus freak and nineteen twenties flapper all rolled into one.  Visualize the Romanov family having survived the Russian civil war, with all their finery battle worn and all worn all at once, and you have a vision of the eclectic and creative aesthetic of Gibbous.


Website: www.gibbousfashions.com