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New York brand InAisce may be based in New York, but they have a decidedly European flavor. Fittingly showcased during Paris Fashion Week, the avant-garde collection is meticulous in finish and construction. Originally conceived as a men’s wear collection in 2009, the androgynous, sculptural lines of the collection have garnered a strong female following, resulting in a small, dedicated women’s collection. The streamlined silhouettes, and geometric lines invokes a Zen like minimalism, while the minimal use of tone on tone color, and strictly limited color palette from matte black through charcoal and steel grey, intuitively invoke a tribal, nomadic quality, compounded through depth and variation of texture. Planning is key for InAisce, with every piece interlocking and coordinating with the other, bringing balance and cohesion to the whole.

Offering a window into an ancient past, and a distant future through his visionary designs, Jona infuses a spiritual transcendence through the purity of every line, and meticulous production. All garments are produced in New York, under strict supervision. While textile innovation is part and parcel of the development of every collection, along with technique and pattern innovations. Working closely with mills in Italy and Japan, Jona also works with textile artisans, such as Claudy Jongstra, a Dutch textile designer, renowned for her natural processes. Raising her own sheep and growing her own natural dyes, Jongstra is the epitome of a sustainable artisan. Jongstra made three pieces for the current InAisce collection, selling as part of the collection in limited numbers. Jona has also collaborated with artisanal accessories designer Jason Ross of Artimas Quibble. Jason’s massive archive of antique utilitarian hardware inspired Jona to work with pieces that hadn’t yet found their second life. Jona has found kindred creative spirits in Jason Ross and Claudy Jongstra.

Born in Colorado, and living in Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia, Jona is clearly a result of his diverse and varied cultural experiences, which come out naturally through his work. Influenced by music, architecture, and nature, spaces virtual and physical that have the power to transport him. Jona first started constructing clothing for himself. Jona’s work has been featured by industry heavy weights such as Vogue, WWD and Elle Magazine, and is sold at over thirty key avant-garde boutiques and department stores worldwide, a reflection of the collections avant-garde soul, distinctive silhouettes and meticulous production.

Website: www.inaisce.com

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