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In eight brilliant colors, the 01M shoe is a versatile, practical, slip on athletic shoe. The simple clean, minimal design belays the complexity of the technology. The shoes are made from 100% natural materials. The vegetable based biopolymer includes natural oils and resin for elasticity, and the shoes are produced entirely without toxic glues, solvents or chemicals. The brilliant colors are similarly biodegradable, based on 100% natural materials, and certified by EOKO-TEX. Manufactured through a carbon compensation process, reduces the amount of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy consumption. The shoes are produced through injection molding, designed to manufacture the shoe and the packaging in a single operation, reducing overall energy consumption by 90% over traditional shoe manufacturing.


With practical applications for everything from volleyball to swimming, sailing and surfing and the gym, the shoe can be rolled up to take up minimal space in a backpack and simply rinsed clean and air dried after use, making them perfect for workout to shower. Incredibly affordable, the shoes retail at only $20 including shipping. The shoes are entirely biodegradable at end of life, and can simply be discarded and composted.


Conceived by a multi-disciplinary team of architects, product designers, shoe makers and podiatrists, the main intention was to increase the flexibility and mobility of the foot while giving a barefoot experience while wearing shoes. Only 1 millimeter in thickness, and 2 millimeters on the soles, the shoe truly conforms to the foot without causing any impediment to movement. The inspiration comes from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest who paint the soles of their feel with natural latex from the Hevea tree, enabling their surefootedness through the jungle during rainy season. The shoes are available in a full range of sizes for men, women and children through their website.


01M operated from 2008 until June 2014.