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Founded in 2012, Bottletop produce a sophisticated and contemporary version of the iconic Brazilian ring pull purse. Sold in every street market in Brazil from Rio to Recife, collected aluminium can ring pulls are carefully crocheted together in a myriad of styles and colors, usually from cheap yarn with unsophisticated color combinations. Not until recently has this iconic Brazilian favela bag made a high fashion impact though sophisticated redesigning and careful quality control. Bottletop are one such company working with this modern Brazilian tradition, with a global eye to fashion and quality manufacture in Brazil.


The collection features dramatic, tropical colored and enamelled ring pulls, reconfigured in a contemporary range of purses and totes in high gloss, expertly crocheted together with contrasting quality cording. The color range spans acid yellow, jasmine green, aquamarine, tangerine and bright white. Designs are limited to 102 pieces per style for Spring Summer 2014, with each piece individually numbered. The bags are designed by Vincent du Sartel, previously of Louis Vuitton and Lowe, who brings all his worldly sophistication to his work with Bottletop. A second collection features highest quality leather from Bahia, with minimal, contrasting, hand painted aluminium pull-tabs braided into the seams. The edition marks the launch of Bottletop atelier, which enables a team of dedicated female artisans in Brazil, to focus on specialist leather craftsmanship in a safe and secure working environment.


All Bottletop designs are created in Salvador by hand, and the profits are used to fund the Bottletop Foundation, who use contemporary art and music to raise awareness around teenage health issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. The Bottletop Foundation supports over 35,000 young people in Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Brazil and the UK.


Website: http://bottletop.org