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Sylvia Heisel


Sylvia Heisel creates clothing and accessories that embody creativity, technology and sustainable style. Obsessed with new technologies as well as sustainability, Heisel is an expert in techno materials, as well as physical computing, as it relates to wearable technology. She partners and consults on smart wearables and new technology applications for fashion brands. Launched in 2013 Heisel’s brand actively embraces open-sourcing and creative partnerships.


Of Turkish heritage and raised in East Africa as well as New Jersey, Heisel is a visual artist as well as a designer, who also creates and consults on sustainable temporary interiors, environments, and displays. Alongside her husband, Scott Taylor, they make places, objects and experiences that combine contemporary design, art, fashion, culture, and technology. Influenced as much by contemporary art and pop culture as fashion, Heisel is obsessed with finding new ways to make things, and new materials to make them in. Heisel’s work is inspired by, as well as rooted in, the potential of new materials, from the responsible, to the practical, to the unusual. According to Heisel, “As a fashion designer and visual artist I’m on a perpetual hunt for the new and inspiring. These days I’m finding it outside of the fashion and art worlds. Recent advances in electronics, engineering and biochemistry are amazing, inspiring and making it possible for our clothes to be smarter, sexier, better for the planet and more amazing than ever before.”


Known for her iconic Tyvek and reflective designs, Heisel works with a range of non-traditional materials, including CTF3 – a US made material that is ounce for ounce stronger than steel, and weighs almost nothing. 3M reflective fabric – made from microscopic glass beads, that glow in the dark when you shine a light on them, and Tyvek – a recyclable, washable plastic, most often used in construction. Tyvek is a low melt plastic, which according to Heisel is “An awesome material to work with (that) makes a lot of beautiful things”, including a tutu with tiny embedded LED lights that pulse and fade in a series of three separate settings. Heisel augments the collection with coordinates in organic cotton and recycled polyester fleece.


Sylvia Heisel’s work has been sold in women’s designer clothing and accessories stores across America’s since the early 90s.


Website: http://sylviaheisel.com/

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