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Rita In Palma


Rita in Palma is a Berlin based accessories line based on the tradition of Turkish craftsmanship, flipped for an entirely new audience. Rita In Palma is contemporary in style but based on the traditional of hand work. A social integration project, they work against social exclusion in Germany, by establishing bonds through craftsmanship to citizens of Turkish origin. The collection, is based the tradition of fine Turkish knitting and crochet techniques, but designed to appeal young, urban Berliner’s. The collection acts as a point of fascination and respect for a new generation of Turkish Germans, to gain new respect for the traditional craftskills of their mothers and grandmothers.


With a glamorous retro styling, the collection centers around fine, frilly collars, jabot’s, neckline accessories, delicately trimmed scarves and ankle socks. Each piece is entirely hand made, as well as hand dyed. Local production allows for close ties between the artisans, as well as reduces carbon emissions.


Website: www.rita-in-palma.com