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Launched in 2009, Outsider is based around the premis that “Ethical fashion should look just like fashion”. Creating beautiful garments with a thoughtful approach, the collection has a timeless aesthetic, with many styles revolving around a fresh take on the shirtdress. Designs are crisp, wearable, versatile, and easily transition from day to evening. Fabrications include GOTS certified, and fairly traded organic cotton, wool jersey from New Zealand, organic Merino suiting from Italy, hemp, bamboo, and Tencel.


Founded by Noorin Khamisana, who worked with a number of avant guard designers, many of whom incorporated recycled materials in their work, as well as a range of more mainstream brands, such as Debenhams, Hobbs and Ted Baker. Khamisana took a year off to travel around Asia, visiting factories in Pakistan, India and Cambodia, all of which helped her understanding the impact of garment production. After several years of researching sustainable fabrics and production, combined with her inability to find ethically produced garments she liked, inspired the birth of OUTSIDER.


The brand name refers to the definition as one identified as on the periphery of social norms, living or working apart from mainstream society, and observing a group from the outside. Based in London, her collection is worn and admired by the likes of Elizabeth Moss, Emma Thompson and Livia Firth.


Website: www.outsiderfashion.com