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Good Cloth


Ethical retailer Good Cloth, features a curated collection of fashion, accessories and jewelry for men, women and children. With a mission to communicate the serious labor issues in the fashion industry, Good Cloth offers options that focus on items produced ethically and fairly.


The site was founded by Stephanie Hepburn, a journalist who’s focus is human rights issues, and who publishes in both the academic and commercial press. Hepburn’s most recent book, called Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight, is what sparked her passion for fashion, and in combination with her human rights background, formed the basis of Good Cloth.


Offering a virtual space where consumers can purchase fun clothing and accessories produced in a way that is kind to workers, as well as kind to the planet, Good Cloth is helping to create positive change. Designs are hand picked, limited edition or produced in small quantity, many made by hand with locally sourced materials. Building beautiful relationships with each of the designers featured, Good Cloth share the journeys and processes behind each design on the site. By purchasing from Good Cloth, you are fashioning change and pushing the design industry towards greater transparency, ethical sourcing and fair treatment of workers.


Website: http://shopgoodcloth.com