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Mikuti is the direct expression of designer and founder, Erika Freund, to bridge the unlikely. The expression of her adventurous spirit, fierce courage, and exploration of possibilities, Freund creates jewelry of quality. The brands distinctive aesthetic is expressed through an interpretation of traditional Sub-Saharan beadwork, mixed with metals, and other unlikely materials.


Mikuti seeks inspiration from the beauty of the Swahili coast and the magnificent landscapes of East Africa. The colorful hues and traditional adornments of cultures found throughout the region, paired with her own interests of symbolism, spirituality, and alchemy, provide her design vision for the line.  Designs are an extension of Freund’s bold spirit, daring, and playful ways.


With a love of travel and a sincere curiosity for the world, Freund spent 4 years traveling throughout East Africa, seeking out workshops and discovering hidden talents.  Along the way, she committed to learn about traditional techniques and how to source high quality local materials.  This foundation allowed her to create jobs for some of the region’s most skilled artisans, while developing a mindful supply chain that supports the local economy.


Website: http://mikuti.com/