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Etwas Bags


Etwas Bags produce quality, hand made bags within a craft production system. A hand made, energy independent operation that values design, Etwas bags is a design project by Will Lisak. The brand stands by the quality of their bags, as well as the interactions they produce en route, considering what they destroy, as well as what they make. EtwasBags3

ETWAS work against the mainstream structures and systems of production and distribution, and all the ugly, wasteful practices that they entail. Washing their hands of industrial parks, plastic carpeting and factory lights, says as much about the brand as the beautifully produced and thoughtful product they produce. Like a bicycle, the production of an Etwas bag requires no more function than the human hand.


Applying modern reductionist functionality to a craft system, Etwas bags are made using a portable workbox that contains all the supplies and tools required. Their production system lies somewhere between bespoke and mass production, with many of the benefits of both. EtwasBags4

They own no buildings, offices, use no electricity, water or plastic. All their materials are durable, natural and low impact, from their wooden benches, to their steel tools, and copper rivets. Etwas honor the patina of age and the scars of use, which add richness, texture, comfort and familiarity to their process.


Website: www.etwasbags.com