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Alexandra Long


For those that like their ethical fashion with a naughty side, meet Alexandra Long. Launched in 2015, the collection is inspired by the Second World War. Styling references the fashion silhouettes from the 1930’s and 40’s, as well as the siren suits worn during air raids. Each design is named after a woman involved in breaking the German enigma code, and designs are lined with a rather naughty set of instructions based on the cipher.


Designs are classic and sophisticated, made entirely of natural fabrications and digitally printed. Designed for the woman who likes to live dangerously, the collection features disguised secret zippers strategically positioned over nipples, and sexy, body skimming jumpsuits with crotch zippers and pocket openings. The collection is designed for discrete and naughty adventures and secret affairs in public places.


Born of a misspent youth and a fashion industry family background in Romania, founder Alexandra Long designs with play in mind, just sustainably. “For me elegant clothes, like a dear friend, are not throwaway things. We prowl the world together, sharing adventures and excesses, and we have to look after one another. So that’s why I make timeless, high-quality pieces that aren’t disposable and will encourage people to have more of a bond with their clothing.


Website: www.alexandralong.com