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Featured book – Craft of Use


The Craft of Use: Post-Growth Fashion by renowned researcher Kate Fletcher, explores the cultivated, ordinary and ingenious ideas and practices that promote garment attachment and longevity. Presenting them as an alternative, dynamic, experiential frame with which to articulate and foster sustainability in the fashion sector.


Kate Fletcher writes about the caring and wearing of garments, revealing their worth and expressive qualities beyond their consumption value. Framing design and use as a whole, the book recognizes that garments, while sold as a product, are lived as a process. Drawing from stories and portrait photography that documents the ways a broad range of people from across three continents use their clothes, alongside seven international design teams seeking to amplify these use practices. Craft of Use presents a changed social narrative for fashion, borne out of ownership and use, instead of aspiration and consumption, a perspective based on human agency, that glimpses fashion post-growth.


Her fourth book, Fletcher has worked for nearly two decades in the fields of fashion and sustainability. Her work wth business, education, non-profits and governments, have helped define this field. She is a  Professor of Sustainability, Design and Fashion at the University of hte Art, London.


Purchase: www.routledge.com

Website: http://craftofuse.org