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Featured Supplier – WOVNS


WOVNS is a combined textile studio and technology platform that enables designer’s access, and means to small run textile development and production. WOVNS allows anyone the ability to turn their digital designs into custom woven jacquard fabric in quantities as small as a single yard. Working with American textile manufacturers, WOVNS developed a patent pending system for jacquard looms that enables textile production in minimal quantities. WOVNS3

Customers simply access a selection of qualities and colors, apply them to their own digital artwork, and submit for production. The WOVNS platform also promotes independent designers through the WOVNS Collection, a curated textile collection offering royalties to contributors for every yard sold.


Based in San Francisco and Maui, founders Dena and Chelsea Molnar, each contribute individual perspectives and distinct design experiences to the firm’s design and technology focus. With backgrounds in both the textiles and architecture industries, the partners have merged their knowledge of the built environment, interiors market, and fabrication of textiles, with the development of this technology.


In the era of digital fabrication platforms, desktop 3D printers and milling machines, WOVNS goal is to revolutionize textile production, creating access and immediacy for woven textile development.


Website: www.wovns.com