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Mosevic transform discarded and damaged jeans into sunglasses. Working with reclaimed materials, Mosevic’s eyewear collection is produced from recycling jeans of all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The frames are built from layers of denim fabric, and are hand crafted in the UK.


Transforming unloved jeans into sunglass frames by infusing layers of denim with a resin, the brand produce a truly unique frame from solid denim material. The unique frames range in tone and color from subtle faded gradients, to full on deep indigo and black denim, revealing flashes of color and texture.


With a local supply of discarded jeans, the handcrafted frames are produced from their workshop in Cornwall. Benefiting from denims hardwearing properties, the frames are tough and durable. The denim is layered strategically to add contour to the bridge and hinge of the frames.


Mosevic offer a range of six frame styles complimented by Zeiss polarized lenses and offered with a graduated tint. Launched on Kickstarter in 2015, Mosevic now offer an array of solid denim eyewear through their website and in retail stores around the world.


Website: www.mosevic.com