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Featured Video – A Walk in Their Shoes

This video short follows a TOMS customer on his journey to Colombia to meet a child who benefited from his purchase.

Featured Video – Fair Trade: The First Step

A video documentary from a partnership between Patagonia and Fair Trade, asking the questions who made your clothing, investigating why Fair Trade Certification is an important first step towards changing hte garment industry.

Featured Video – FIT Green Scene

An episode from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s student series on ethics and ecology – the Green Scene, this in conversation with Sass Brown.

Featured Video – The Shoe Without a Footprint

The first athletic shoe to use CO2 emissions as a building block, this sneaker represents the possibilities that lie in the world’s most ubiquitous greenhouse gas.

Featued Video – Lesage Tweed

Chanel and the making of Lesage tweed.

Featured Video – The Artisans: Zeng Weaver

The Artisan Series shares the stories of artisans practicing traditional techniques. This video highlights the craft of Zeng Weaving, hand died and hand woven by the Ta Oi tribe.

Featured Video – John Oliver

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight tackles the unsustainable nature of fast fashion and the enormous amount of waste it generates.

Featured Video – Haute Culture Giesha Makeover

An Haute Culture travel diary to Aya Maiko Makover Studio in the centre of Geiko culture in Gion Quarter, Tokyo.

Featured Video – Infantium Victoria

Infantium Victoria previews their Autumn Winter 16/17 collection “Flowers in Concrete” in collaboration with Sandro Marzo.

Featured Video – Thiery Mugler

Without Thierry Mugler, there would be no John Paul Gaultier, no Garteth Pugh and no Alexander McQueen. A tribute to Thierry Mugler by Mathieu Cesar.

Featured Video – Carla Fernandez Mexican Embroidery

Zacapehuaya, Pahuatlán filling embroidery and chain work. Just two of the techniques that Carla Fernandez works into her collection.

Featured Video – Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen’s Seijaku collection Fall Winter 2016.

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