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Artemas Quibble

Jason Ross for Artemas Quibble produces a line of jewely and accessories with a mix of antiquity and rough-hewn sophistication.  Every distinctive piece is handcrafted in leather and embellished with silver, brass and antique reclaimed objects.  Bringing a modern sensibility to ancient finds, Jason considers his work, “a celebration of what has been lost.”  He speaks of the work that went into the antique elements he incorporates, which are as diverse as a 16th century leather book cover refashioned into a belt, and a vintage finial recrafted into a pendant. “So much work has already been put into my pieces by people who weren’t necessarily appreciated or respected. I’m able to showcase their work and give it a new life.”

Website: www.artemas-quibble.com

Buy online: www.artemas-quibble.com/shop