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Atelier Laure Paschoud

Swiss brand Atelier Laure Paschoud, produce an innovative collection, made to last. With timeless designs, supported by quality fabrication and manufacture, each piece is made to last. Committed to a transparent supply chain, the collection is made from natural fibers, certified organic fabrications and recycled materials, fairly traded. Controlled production is done in Bosnia, ensuring respect and fair working conditions in compliance with the Labour Organization and the Human Rights Compact. In an effort to revitalize the Bosnian economy, the Swiss-Bosnian family owned production facility is ensuring the sustainability of local knowledge, with a goal to produce socially and environmentally responsible clothing.

Founder and Creative Director, Laure Paschoud studied at Central Saint Martin’s in London. After graduation, she continued her training in Paris and Japan, before returning to Switzerland to launch her own brand. The collection communicates Paschoud’s vision of beauty and use, sustainably and consciously made. Designs suggest the body, hinting at the figure underneath. With a focus on volume, material choices allow for subtle plays between transparency and opacity. Styles are carefully edited to create a flexible, modular wardrobe that can be varied to suit individual taste. Each collection acts as an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded artists committed to sustainable fashion.

Website: www.atelier-laurepaschoud.ch