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Laene Scandinavia

Laene Scandinavia is a New York and Helsinki based performance driven eco luxe fashion label. After two years of development, Laene have created a clothing line that functions like endurance sportswear, but designed to be worn as fashion items. The collection combines sleek Scandinavian design, with sustainability and high performance. Created for people with an active lifestyle, looking for multi purpose, sustainable and fashionable clothing, the collection includes seven seamless garments. Designed to be stylish, functional, and good for the planet, every detail has a function without compromising style. The collection is affordable and easy to wear in active or casual settings.

The Laene Scandinavia collection is entirely constructed from Tencel, an intelligent botanic fiber organically farmed from eucalyptus trees. Tencel has heat and moisture controlling properties, as well as anti-bacterial, anti-odor, easy wash and fast drying capabilities, making it one of the best performing  fibers on the market today. At the forefront of technical innovation and ecological practice, Laene Scandinavia work with seamless knitting, bonded construction and OEKO-TEX fiber blends, all produced in Europe to the highest of health and environmental safety standards, as certified by Bluesign. On demand circular knitting technology also ensures minimum waste, complements stretch and recovery, and provides unrestricted movement. From design through manufacturing to packaging, Laene consider the environmental and human impact, including the consumer and end use phase.

Founded by Heidi Helavirta and Anette Cantagallo, the partners met at the London College of Fashion where they both completed their masters in Fashion Design and Technology. After several years in the industry, the two decided to launch Laene Scandinavia. Inspired by their shared lifestyle and taste, their primary inspiration is drawn from Scandinavia’s pristine nature, where both partners grew up. Living now in the opposite climates of Finland and California, the pair decided to work with multi functioning materials with optimal perform in both hot and cold climates. For Laene Scandinavia, this is just the beginning. Founded in 2013, the brand has plans to expand into a full fashion range, including bonded multi-purpose garments, high tech shoes, and cutting edge accessories.

Website: www.laenescandinavia.com

Twitter: @_laene

Instagram: http://instagram.com/laene_scandinavia#