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Los Angeles Fibershed

The Los Angeles Fibershed is a proactive organization working with the concept of bioregionalism, valueing the interconnectedness of humanity with the natural environment. With a focus on fiber, they seek to develop a more intimate relationship with the landscape by sharing knowledge and practicing problem-solving in support of the changing bioregion. A living model of ‘slow fashion’ garment and textile production, the group function with principles of sustainability, local economies, and regional agriculture.

Committed to bringing high fashion and excellent design standards to locally grown and processed fiber, they are building a new model of integrity for the textile and fashion industry in Los Angeles. The group host classes to teach spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, and dyeing, and showcase local resources and the work of local talents. The website acts as a resource for a wide array of organizations and individuals, including students, designers, and businesses, they also maintain a directory of farmers, spinners, designers, and artisans in the Los Angeles Fibershed region.

The Los Angeles Fibershed aspire to building a sustainable textile mill, or network of cottage mills, to serve Los Angeles, innovating ways to utilize by-products of fiber farming, researching and developing native plant fiber uses, and posting farm reports with agricultural news.

Website: www.lafibershed.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FibershedLA

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lafibershed