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Lur produce a simple, wearable yoga inspired collection for women, designed to be worn at the gym, or at home. The casual and functional collection is made entirely from recycled materials, respun from fifty five percent pre consumer cotton scraps, and forty five percent post consumer PET, into a soft, comfortable, absorbent jersey.

With a vision that fashion can change the world, Lur believe that clothing must benefit more than the wearer, to be truly beautiful. They embrace the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit, that requires an investment in social and environmental responsibility. A portion of Lur’s profits go to Friendship Bridge, an NGO who provide microcredit and education to impoverished women, as well as Miracles in Action, who support Guatemalans living in extreme poverty.

None of Lur’s raw materials incorporate non-native or genetically modified organisms. Yarn is spun in an eco friendly factory, while the knitting and finishing mill utilize heat recapture and treat water waste. Fabric is dyed using non-harmful dyestuffs, and all cutting and sewing facilities are socially and quality compliant, and certified by independent third party certifiers.

Website: http://lurapparel.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lurapparel

Twitter: @lur_apparel