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Riz Boardshorts

London-based sustainable surf brand Riz Boardshorts produce a 100% recycled and recyclable boardshort collection. Currently in the crowdfunding stage, the brands core is based around sustainability, substance and style, represented by the inverted pyramid cut into the back of all their short designs. Believing passionately in crafting surf shorts with soul, Riz’s mission is to transform beach and ocean plastic into beautiful beach products. The rich and colorful designs that adorn the shorts, are all digitally printed in the UK, and produced in limited quantity in Europe. The brand collaborates with a small collective of artists and illustrators who create the unique prints that strive to communicate the fusion of their unique ‘British-Hawaiian style’. Prints incorporate themes of endangered fish, flowers and insects, with the intent of fostering awareness and inspiring appreciation for the natural world.

Every piece of every design, including zippers, trims and drawstings are all made from 100% recycled and recyclable components. Shorts are made to last with a focus on ‘old school’ tailoring. The brand offers a 25% discount on a new pair of boardshorts when customers return any old and unwanted boardies, helping to create a closed loop system that transforms waste and worn out surfwear into new products. A percentage of all profits and or stock is donated to partner organizations dedicated to beach clean ups and spreading the word about ocean pollution and endangered species.

Website: www.rizboardshorts.com

Kriticalmass  crowdfunding: https://kriticalmass.com/p/bottlestoboardshorts

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RizBoardshorts

Twitter: @Rizboardshorts

Tumblr: http://thegentlemansurfer.tumblr.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/rizboardshorts