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Silent People

Italian label, Silent People make a beautiful and creative collection of mostly bags from a diverse range of vintage and recycled materials, putting an entirely new twist on heritage.  Their unique ‘remade’ collection has a wonderful artisanal avant-garde aesthetic, through their inventive use of a myriad of unused and discarded materials, reinterpreted through a broad-based range of eclectic, patched and pieced styles.

Based in Bologna, Italy, Franco Armilla and Filippo Biancoli produce each bag one at a time, by hand, each one reeking of bequeathed and inherited tradition, myth and history from the luxury iconic brands they upcycle, including trenchcoats by Burberry, shiny Italian Moncler jackets, and the iconic British twin set and pearls favorite; Barbour waxed cotton jackets. Working with history laden materials such as Italian army Red Cross field tents from the second world war, the duo cross coordinate their materials, matching 1970’s leather biker jackets, with horse bridal handles, and 1940’s Austrian military spats as fastenings, or 1930’s German police jackets with military belt handles, all lined with Italian army, hemp mattress covers.

Website: www.silentpeople.it

Facebook: www.facebook.com