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Swati Kalsi

Swati Kalsi is both a textile and a fashion designer, working with hand crafted textiles. Brining contemporary design to artisan made, hand crafted textiles, Kalsi pushes for the sustainability of time honoured craftsmanship. Having engaged artisans in an interactive creative process for over ten years, her work crosses the boundaries between design, craft and art, to produce distinct and original work. The understated elegance of her creations are a result of the unforseen and unexpected, that highlight the quirks and anomalies that occur through the process of creation.

Designs have a timleless aesthetic that honor tradition and craftsmanship. Simple lines and architectural shapes emphasize the surface detailing and amazing workmanship. With a belief in the inate knowledge of the hand the partnerships bring to life surfaces and designs that could never be mimicked by a machine. Working to match skill with tradition and an aesthetic spirit, she produces transcentdant workmanship.

Website: www.swatikalsi.com