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Tanvi Kant

Tanvi Kant is an award wining textile artist, producing a hand constructed jewelry collection under the same name. Committed to sourcing and upcycling sari silks and textile remnants, her innovative hand-spun fabric techniques transform scraps of fabric into tactile, sculptural forms of adornment. Jewelry is produced through an exploration of the inherent qualities of a broad based range of reclaimed materials. Forms are the result of unique and distinctive fabric combinations that reflects the color, weave, fiber and weight of the fabrics used. Collections are skillfully made, specially developed and continually refined, in order to prolong the life of reclaimed textiles, with additional components sourced, wherever possible, from reclaimed, vintage, fairly traded or organically grown sources.

Website: http://tanvikant.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanvikantjewellery

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/tanvikant

Twitter: @tanvikjewellery

Instagram: http://instagram.com/tanvikjewellery