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Featured Collection – Naadam SS17

A sneak peak at Naadam Cashmere’s Studio Collection, which incorporates designing ethical luxury fashion using innovation to redefine sustainability.

Featured Podcast – Conscious Chatter: By Hand

Kestrel Jenkins talks with designer Amie Cunningham of Thief & Bandit about making things by hand, the process of designing and drawing prints, screenprinting and getting innovative with weaving excess scrap material.

Featured Collection – Christopher Raeburn AW16

British designer Christopher Raeburn continues to use repurposed materials, many from unexpected military sources. The Winter Camp Ceremony collection uses decommissioned rubber suits, as well as remade ceremonial wool uniforms, and hand knits.

The Artisan Resource at NY NOW Summer 16

The Artisan Resource at NY NOW, is a semi-annual trade show for global artisans producing handmade products.

Featured Video – Carla Fernandez Mexican Embroidery

Zacapehuaya, Pahuatlán filling embroidery and chain work. Just two of the techniques that Carla Fernandez works into her collection.

Bhutan Home by Dara Artisans

Dara Artisans curates an exquisite collection of Bhutan textiles that maintains a distinctive sense of utility alongside an arresting aesthetic.

Hania by Anya Cole

Hania by Anya Cole is a knitwear collection, knitted entirely by hand in New York City. The brand create luxurious, timeless designs for women, men and children from specially twisted yarns from Italian and Scottish cashmere.

Anchal Project

The Anchal Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that addresses the exploitation of women around the world. Using design thinking to create employment opportunities,

Featured Item – Irit Dulman

Stunning natural plant printing and dying from the talented Irit Dulman.

Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang believe that clothing should be made unique with love. Their hand knit fashion is not mass-produced, but quality fashion, produced sustainably.

Teah Wilson

Teah Wilson is a UK based jewelry, home and fashion accessories company. With an eye for quality details, designer and founder, Teah Wilson produces limited edition, hand made work of superior quality and style.

Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry

Renowned for her intricate and detailed cuffs that incorporate reclaimed and recycled crystals, glass beads, pearls, beads of every type and metal chain links, each Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry design is entirely different and unique.

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