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Featured Supplier – Women Weave

Pushed on by a burgeoning textiles sector, India is one of the world’s most prominent emerging economies. But the central Asian nation is littered with the exploitation of female textile workers, mistreated on the grounds of being a woman – a disability from birth under a male-dominated society.


Born of frustration with the excessive use of the world’s natural resources, and the amount of waste produced by industrialized countries, Ecoalf was founded on the principles of recycling.

Featured Supplier – Avani

Avani, promoting Himalayan textiles through sustainability & beauty.

Maruman: Japan’s Yarn-Dyed Cottons and Paper Textiles

Japan is home to many traditionally made cottons, crafted from a lineage that stems back to the time of Emperors. Le Souk takes a visit to Nishiwaki, and uncovers the art of Banshu Ori with local firm Maruman. Japan is …

Gunze: Tech-Savvy Innerwear Steeped in Japanese Tradition

A lover of fine cloth, silk was highly prized by the reigning family and Kyoto became a mecca for luxury fabrics; pushed on by textile merchants like Gunze.

Wild Silk Markets

In northeast Madagascar, a sustainable silk textile practice gives back to the rich MaMaBay Landscape and its impoverished people.


Baserange is a line of sustainable underwear and easywear with a focus on high quality, organic fabrics.


Callina produce timeless, contemporary knitwear from the finest hand combed alpaca yarn.

Featured Video – Out of Fashion

Out of Fashion – a campaign for forest- friendly fabrics.

Featured Item – Nau

Nau’s Repose Tank Dress is produced from a luxurious blend of MicroModal and spandex for a natural drape and flattering fit. The eco-friendly fabric is produced using a meticulous closed-loop process that conserves energy and creates valuable byproducts along the way. 

Featured Video – Stella Jean

Stella Jean’s collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative (ITC), working with traditional hand loomed Burkino Faso fabrics.

Nomads Clothing

Nomads Clothing is a fair trade fashion clothing collection with a conscience.

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