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Le Moine Tricote

Le Moine Tricote, which means “the monks knits”, is an exquisite collection of women’s hand knits at the very highest level of intellectual and creative exploration and expression. The entirely hand produced knits, fluidly undulate through different yarns, textures, a dazzling array of lacy stitches, directions and tensions, to produce quite simply art, in the form of women’s knitwear.  The easy, rebellious knitwear, never the less has a level of sophistication that raises the craft of knitting to the level or artistic expression, with craft merely as the medium of expression. With a personal intent to communicate cultural heritage, Alice Lemoine’s background of strong French elegance, is tempered with the minimalism of contemporary art and architecture.  Her instinctive approach to design combines her twin inspirations, struggling to find a mature balance between the two worlds that incorporates the ancestral and instinctual, while expressing dynamism and eclecticism.

Lemoine works in a process not dissimilar to stream of consciousness writing, with the creation of each piece a total surprise. She instinctively lets her fingers do the work, building fragments of knitwear that simply rise from the needles, hoping to express the soul of each unique creation. Each new piece is modeled directly onto the body to find the harmony and coherence of space and equilibrium, as if producing a sculpture rather than a piece of clothing.  Pieces are patch-worked and assembled and knitted together, providing the structure to each design.  Items are produced in limited quantities and entirely hand knitted from natural materials.

Each collection is conceived as part of a study on modern shape and how it can be created using time honored traditions.  Lemoine’s collection reveals a deep development of silhouette as well as depth of color range, based on the harmonies of oxides through knit techniques such as jacquard and mottled yarn. The fall winter 2013 collection is in collaboration with charismatic dancer, Jenny Sandler, full of soft sensuality and bold, light shapes.  Sandler’s performance entitled Jenny, undergoes metamorphosis, to reveal a wide range of moods, suggested by Lemoine through her work as timeless forms and silhouettes.

Lemoine studied fashion in Tokyo, Japan, as well as worked for Michele Lamy and Rick Owens, going on to found the label Alice Lemoine, then later Le Moine Tricote, and resulting in her first time inclusion in the celebrated Federation Francaise de la Couture et du Pret-a-Porter, an honor that is bestowed not applied for.

Website: www.lemoine-tricote.com