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Myrrhia is a contemporary women’s knitwear brand based in Oakland, California, working with locally grown and spun yarns. Inspired by friends and family, the collection fulfills a practical and fashionable niche in the knitwear market by producing local, stylish and fashion forward knit patterns, inspired by technology and space, in practical, wearable styles.


Myrrhia knitwear is produced through a seamless Stoll machine, which is close to zero waste by default, as all the work is computer generated, and the designs knitted whole with no waste yarn as in the cheap cut and sew sweaters. Each piece is hand finished and linked, with some of the small accessories knit entirely by hand.  Resneck’s hope is to support and sustain the local supply chain of locally grown cotton and wool fibers, milled locally, and knitted with care. The collection is made from organic cotton and wool as well as Tencel, fashioned into a color palette that combines strong warm colors, alongside cool tranquil tones. The range includes sweaters, dresses, cardigans, skirts and accessories, all at an affordable price point.


Designer Myrrhia Resneck has knitting in her blood, with a clothing connection running all the way back to her great grandfather. Originally from Santa Cruz, Resneck has a more down to earth approach to fashion than many, invested more in the process and use of her designs, than in red carpet dreams. Her love of making something useful and special that touches and expresses a woman’s personal style, is what informs her creativity. Myrrhia Resneck doesn’t want to just produce ‘pretty’ clothes, she wants her work to reflect our need for creative expression, while respecting the environment. Determined to be part of the antidote to a throw-away culture, Myrrhia supplies meaningful, wearable and covetable clothing worth investing in.


Website: http://myrrhia.com/

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